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How you you safe money with helps you to cut your total cost of investing by up to 79 %. How does that work?
Over a period of five years a bank might charge you fees up to 12.50 % of the investment amount. A bank typically recommends mutual funds with upfront fee of up to 5.00 % and annual fees of 1.50 %., on the other hand, proposes only cost-efficient building blocks, so-called ETF's. These financial instruments waive upfront fees and charge annual fees of only 0.10 % to 0.35 %. On top comes the cost for trading the ETF over a period of five years and the cost for the investment advice.
With an investment amount of 100.000 CHF trading generates costs of estimated 0.16 % p.a.* and estimated 0.03 % fees p.a. for
The example below compares average annual cost of an exemplary mutual funds sold by a bank of 2.50 % with estimated average total cost with of only 0.54 % p.a.
In addition to prime and individual investment advice you can save a serious amount of money with 


Representative costs of a mutual fund investment of 100.000 over a period of five years

Initial fee  5.00 %   5.000                    
5x annual fees of mutual fund, 1.50 % p.a.   7.500                    
Fees 12.500                        



Representative costs of an investment of 100.000 over a period of five years, adviced by

Initial fee  waived
5x annual fee of an ETF, 0.33 % p.a.  1.650              
Initial trading fees of 8 ETFs*     298
5x annual trading fees of 4 ETFs, 98.60 p.a.*     493
Fee for investment advice 6 * 4.99 p.a.     150
Fees 2.591
Cost savings  9.909 or 79 %


(*We have applied the fee structure of an Online-Broker)


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