The current trend

The world of finance will soon witness important disruption. So far the banks have been the exclusive point of contact for all financial matters. Instead of using the privileged client access to further enhance their product offering and quality, banks have become lazy, inefficient and greedy. Instead of leveraging the opportunities made possible by technological innovation the banks created out of their greed one of the biggest financial crises in history.

All this despite the fact that these new technologies open up a whole new world for financial advice. Our services are nor longer bound to a certain place or time. We are always here for you!

Each and every of our recommendations has the same state of the art quality. Insurance companies, pension funds and high net worth individuals have access to this expert knowledge and are using the benefits of this approach for quite some time. We give you direct access to this expert knowledge. Many new offerings on the internet are put forward by inexperienced beginners. We possess on an equal basis an excellent academic pedigree, decades long experience gained working in different banks and insurance companies and the courage to blaze new trails. We use the same components as professional investors who have stopped for a long time using overly expensive investment products. We find the most efficient components for you.

We refuse to accept any payments from product providers and by doing so we stay independent and can focus a 100% on your needs and preferences. Contrary to your advisor at your bank. If he would recommend products to you that you really need the system that the banks operate would stop working.

So far you have been paying fees to be bank independent from the size of your assets. Only for big investment amounts did the bank earn enough money to cover their high internal costs. For smaller investment amounts the bank can only avoid losses by saving on advice or by selling overly expensive products. This doesn’t make sense, neither for the clients with small assets nor for the clients with big assets. We go down a different path.

For us, it doesn’t make a difference whether we make a recommendation for you for CHF 50,000 or CHF 500,000. This is also why both recommendations cost the same.